Dealing with floods

Dealing with floods

Despite the long stretch of fantastic weather we have had this summer, the past number of weeks have provided a stark reminder of how quick the sunshine can turn to floods. In recent weeks we have witnessed chaos on the roads in Dublin city due to flooding. We also saw Letterkenny Hospital closed due to flooding and a number of beaches along the East Coast rendered unusable due to heavy rain. As we leave summer behind and head into autumn, one thing is for sure – we can expect more flooding. This is certain if previous years are to go by.

Ireland and Flooding

A recent article in the Independent highlighted that Ireland will bear the brunt of flooding as a result of climate change moving forward. This paints a stark picture from an economic perspective as the costs of dealing with flooding will increase at pace if these predictions hold true. We only have to look at the experience of the past couple of winters, with repeated extreme flooding affecting parts of the country like Cork. This has resulted in insurance companies paying out vast sums of money on flooding claims over the past number of years. This begs a big question for all of us moving forward.

Are we Prepared for Floods?

At a macro level, the answer would appears to be “No”. This is certainly true based on recent experiences. At a micro level, when we pare it back to a local residential level, the answer is most probably also “No”. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t get prepared. Flooding at the most basis level is caused by two factors:

1. Excess rain fall
2. Inadequate drainage to deal with the rain fall

The good news though is that you can prepare. Our team of experienced professionals at Environment Drain Solutions Ireland can assess the drainage system in and around your property. We can also suggest and implement improvements to ensure you ensure you can deal with the dreaded flood situation.

Call our team today?

Call one of our experience team today. We’ll arrange a fast and convenient call out to assess your drain system. At the end of our audit we will suggest methods of improvement and the prescribed course of action. Call us today on 01-8415011 for more details.



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