Specialist Drain Services

Specialist Drain Services

At EDS Ireland, we supply a wide variety of specialist drain services. We also supply construction services. Our team boasts significant experience in general construction, plumbing and expert drain maintenance. This allow us to offer a range of services over and above those that are core to our business. The additional specialist services we supply include:

Drainage Training & Mapping

In order to carry out accurate and effective servicing of drainage systems a method of identifying the location of the systems must be addressed. The most common form of addressing this issue is through the use of drawings. Our company offer a service whereby we identify the drainage network using tracing techniques. We then map the network on a newly created site layout plan or on an existing site layout plan. Having a set of up to date drawings can be extremely beneficial should a problem arise. Our specialist drain services are leading in our industry.

Manhole surveys

Our specialist drain services also include manhole surveys. Manhole surveys are carried out to assess the structural integrity of the manhole, identify the outfall, measure all connections, measure the invents and cover levels. Manhole surveys are generally carried out while tracing and mapping existing drawings of sewer systems but they may also be offered as an individual job.

Confined space entry

All EDS Ireland staff are fully trained in Health & Safety and in confined space entry. This is needed in a wide range of service which we provide, e.g. deep manhole entry, walk through underground systems and deep excavation. All Health & Safety and confined space equipment we use is up to standard.

Root and Concrete removal

Roots feed on moisture and therefore intrude through cracks, fractures, breaks and open joints in pipes and manholes. Concrete could be spilled in through manholes, crack joints or breaks. This can be jetted out using cutters powered by water or a robotine machine can be used. This then causes an obstruction in the pipe and obstructs the flow of liquid which then builds up and causes blockages. Root and concrete removal ensures that the flow of sewage will not be interrupted and therefore blockages will be eliminated. While using this technique there will be no requirement for excavation work and all cutting exercises will be carried out with minimum disruption EDS provide a full CCTV survey before and after root and concrete removal to confirm that the work has been successful.

Off road Jetting and CCTV

EDS can also access those usually inaccessible areas such as off road sites, fields etc. EDS have specialised equipment which allows us to provide a complete service.

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