Drain Cleaning

Commercial Drain Cleaning

At EDS Ireland we are one of the leading supplier of commercial drain cleaning services in the Irish market. We have an extensive fleet of vehicles and a fully mobile team at our disposal. What’s more, we are fully equipped with Jet Vac units ready to services every type of drain possible. Our range of expert equipment and staff mean that we are ideally positioned to services all types of drains. We are also equipped to clean septic tanks, pumping stations, treatment plants and sewers.

Prevention Rather than Cure

The cost of the fixing damaged drains can be quite expensive. At EDS Ireland we encourage all of our commercial customers to be proactive above drain maintenance. Despite the fact that adherence to regulations is required regular cleaning of drains can help to dramatically reduce the risk of drain damage and in turn, emergency drain repair. Our team can identify where problems early, and take the required steps to resolve them. Prevention as we say, is better than cure.

Frequency of cleaning

Frequency of drain cleaning at commercial premises is dependent on many factors. The type of business you are in. Whether your business operated a commercial kitchen or not. Or indeed if you operate with chemicals and have special drainage requirements by law.

What is important is to seek the advice of the experts and that’s where our team comes in. You can contact one of our expert team today on 01 8415011. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with the advice you need. We’ll also gladly provide a fast and free quote for the maintenance of your drains.

Contact our team today to find out more about the Commercial Drain Cleaning services we supply. You can contact us on 01 8415011 or email us at info@edsireland.com. You can also visit our Facebook page for regular business updates.