Grease Trap Maintenance

Grease Trap Maintenance

At EDS Ireland we are specialists in the area of Grease Trap Maintenance. With the help of our services you can be safe in the knowledge that your business will meet required regulations every time. Out expert team can advise through the whole process of Grease Trap installation to on-going maintenance and cleaning.

Meeting Required Standards

Disposing of waste oils, fats and greases from commercial premises is not simply a requirement, it is an obligation. What’s more that obligation must be met to certain standards set out by local Authorities. The reason is simple. Waste in the form of oils, fats and greases, can’t be through the main water system. In addition, it must be prevented from entering the sewer sys-tem.

Disposal through Accredited Parties

Grease waste products must be disposed of through the accredited waste collectors such as EDS Ireland. We can ensure the safe and efficient removal of grease waste product and in turn prevent it from contaminating our water system. We can also help you to maintain grease traps at your commercial premises through regular cleaning and emptying. His will ensure your grease traps continue to function to the required level for the longest duration possible.

Serving the Commercial Sector

EDS Ireland is already serving Grease Trap services to many business across Ireland today. Our customers include many Hotels, Restaurants, Takeaways, Golf Clubs, and other catering companies around the country.

Talk to one of our expert team today about your Grease Trap needs. We’ll be happy to provide a fast and free quote. Call us on 01 8415011 or email us at You can also visit our Facebook page for regular business updates.