Cleaning Spills

Cleaning Spills

EDS Ireland also supply clean up services in instances where commercial or hazardous waste is spilled. It doesn’t take long for a relatively small spill of commercial or hazardous waste to cause hugely negative impact on the environment.  However, our team at EDS can react fast and deal with the spill. In doing so we help minimize the potential impact. We have expert procedures for for cleaning spills fast and effectively.

For the Environment & Your Business

Spills resulting from commercial premises are bad for the environment and bad for your business. If you fail to act on such a spill you may be liable for significant financial penalties from local authorities. At EDS Ireland, we can provide the cleanup services to mitigate these risks. Once notified of a spill we will enable our emergency team immediately to assess and deal with the situation. We help to preserve the environment endangered by the spill. We also help your business to minimize the penalties incurred for the spill.

Got a Spill to Report?

If you suffer an emergency spill, let us know quickly. Act fast and contact us on 01 8415011. This will allow our team to react quickly and minimize the overall impact of the spill. We’re experts in cleaning spills so don hesitate to get in touch with us.

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