Blocked Drains

Danger of Blocked Drains

Let’s face it, nobody likes having a blocked drain. On the surface it can cause very tangible problems such as surface water and waste along with all the nasty smells. However, blocked drains may also be a signal for a more serious problem under the surface. For example, there may be structural issues damaging the drains. These more serious problem may not be visible to the home owner, at least not initially. In addition to these issues, blocked drains pose a very real health risk if not dealt with in a timely manner.

The fact of the matter is that blocked drains in the home occur most often in areas such as the toilet, bathroom, or sink plumbing. The result is an accumulation of waste and water. When this water sits for a period of time it becomes stale. This is when risks to health become more real. Consider some of the following issues that blocked drains can cause and impact.

Stale Water

When water sits in a blocked drain for a period of time, it become stagnant. Depending on the drain that it blocked, it will vary in severity. Blocked toilet drains are no doubt the worst kind. This is because the resulting mixture of waste and stagnant water offer a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This in turn can cause and contribute to disease and illness.

Nasty Smells

A blocked drain usually smells which can also contribute to health issues. The odours will rarely lead to serious issue but they can cause basic issues like headache and nausea. The longer the drain remains blocked, the worse these issues will get. The only solution is to fix the underlying blockage.

General Irritation

From skin issue to aggravating existing health problems like asthma, blocked drains can result in a sever irritant. Asthma sufferers may find they have more asthma-related issue when suffering a blocked drain. Contact with the waste and water that sits in the blocked drain can also irritate the skin.

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